At IMPESS, we all share the responsibility for continual improvement of our Quality Management Process and believe that our program as a Full Services Engineering Contractor, supported by our Business Model and our Code of Ethics, will ensure the continual delivery of high quality products and services to our customers.

Our Quality Management System provides the framework for continual improvement of our internal management processes and resources which will in turn add value for our customers through the services offered and delivered.

In addition, our Quality Management System gives IMPESS and its Customers the confidence that the provision of products and services will be delivered consistently to predetermined high standards worldwide.

The entire IMPESS team is accountable for the implementation of this policy and shall remain committed to:

  • Train, lead by example and provide employees opportunity and responsibility to report any situation that represent an opportunity to improve performance or increase Customer satisfaction.
  • Regularly audit and improve operations continuously.
  • Share Good Practices & Knowledge to create value added solutions to Customers.

By doing this, all IMPESS employees will contribute to our customer focused “Business Values”


IMPESS strives to create and maintain a safe work place. We are dedicated to executing all our operations in a safe and responsible way. We follow industry best practices in all that we do and have an excellent safety record. We insist on the same standards from our subcontractors.


IMPESS is committed to protect our environment by strictly following the latest applicable local, state and national rules, regulations and standards in all the work we do.


IMPESS is dedicated to work as a good neighbour in the community where we work. We create an atmosphere in which fair employment practices extended to every member of the diverse community. We strongly believe in giving back to the community where we work and serve.