IMPESS is committed to provide cost-effective, value added services for all engineering needs in your industrial infrastructure projects activities. We cater to all those companies who are looking for engineering support for their projects or part of their projects. Armed with the latest technical know-how and a team of highly skilled engineers, we are capable of executing any challenging project. We provide value added services to our clients by extending their capabilities to develop well-designed products through the use of high-end technology and creation of accurate project related documents.


  • Plant Feasibility Study and Upgrades
  • Front-End Studies
  • Design and Layout
  • Engineering Calculations (including FEA and CFD)
  • Data Sheets
  • Project/Equipment Specifications
  • Project Procedures and Reports
  • P&ID, PFD and ISO Drawings
  • 2D/3D CAD Drawings
  • 3D Equipment and Auxiliary Drawings
  • General Arrangement Drawings
  • Fabrication Drawings
  • Electrical/Control Drawings
  • Civil/Structural Drawings
  • Plant Layout Drawings



  • Process Drawings
  • Piping and Rack Design
  • Piping ISO Drawings
  • Stress Analysis
  • Safety (PHA/HAZOP) Analysis
  • Equipment and Instrumentation Selection
  • Assembly of RFQ Technical Documentation
  • Vendor Selection Support
  • Vendor Drawing Review
  • Pressure Vessel Design
  • Software Development
  • CNC Programing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Digital Conversion of Old Drawings/Document
  • Product O & M Manual


Project Management is a Methodology and a discipline required for Planning, Organization, and Managing Project manpower and resources

IMPESS Considers Customer as an Integral part of the Project Team. This is to make aware of that we are meeting all defined objectives/scope of supply requirements on schedule and within budget.

Owner’s Engineers

The EPC team led by the Project Manager is responsible for the following Project Execution functions.

  • Planning, Organizing and Procedures
  • Support customer in necessary permitting requirements
  • Scheduling and Tracking
  • Cost Control
  • Single point Customer Contact
  • Document Control
  • Change Control
  • Progress Report
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Safety


Owner’s engineering is the work an owner would and should do in support of all phases of project execution if they had the appropriate staff and resources to do so. The owner’s engineer is an advocate of the owner’s business objectives from the inception of the project. This improves project definition, minimizes scope changes and enhances the results of transactions and interactions with contractors, suppliers and public agencies throughout the course of the project.

  • Tendering & Procurement Support
  • Bid Analysis and Vendor Selection Review
  • Preparation of Contract Documents
  • Review and Approval of Contractor’s Drawings / Documents

Owner’s Engineers

  • Review of Manufacturer’s Quality Plans
  • Review of Field Quality Plans
  • Participation in Technical Coordination Meetings
  • Shop Tests Witness
  • Site Tests Witness
  • Technical Support on Owner and Contractor Dispute Resolution
  • Overview of Contractors Work
  • Review of Contractor’s Monthly Progress Reports
  • Progress Monitoring & Information
  • Monthly Progress Report


Since hazards are not the same, each hazard is to be examined to determine its characteristics in the context of the time and place in which it is likely to impact the organization. Obviously, every manufacturer of individual equipment conducts safety analysis on their product. But, when all the equipment and systems are assembled in the field to perform as a single system, it presents different modes of safety issues. These issues should be reviewed and if there are safety issues, mitigations to be designed and applied for safe operation. Otherwise, unattended issues may result in personnel injury, emission limit violation, equipment failure, plant shutdown, etc.

Owner’s Engineers

  • Scope of Safety Analysis:
    • Conduct a Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA/HAZID) and Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) Analysis on specific system/process
    • Provide a detailed formal report which includes recommended changes and required corrective actions and a list of Residual Risks


At the end of HAZOP, if required, a Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) will be conducted for the highest consequence level issues. The LOPA Study will help to identify the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) of the instrumentation required to mitigate those consequences


  • Customer Managed, Dedicated Back Office – IMPESS India provides the resources and infrastructure for the customer to manage the back office by their management responsible for project management and deliverables
  • IMPESS India Managed, Dedicated Back Office – IMPESS India manages the resources, infrastructure, projects and deliverables to the customer from the back office. The Customer allocates tasks and manages reviews.
  • Bilateral Agreement – Execution of Back Office work with Bilateral Agreement. This model represents good partnership approach with a long-term understanding and efficient output.

Owner’s Engineers

  • Benefits of Back Office
    • End to End solutions
    • Team experienced in executing several similar engagements successfully in varied technologies
    • State-of-the-art offshore development facility, as needed
    • Shortened product development life cycle
    • Pay as you go – No huge initial investments
    • A virtual extension of Client Company’s team
    • Significant reduction of cost and time-to-market
    • Subject Matter Experts can focus on their core-competence


IMPESS Demands Quality, Dependability, and Experience from each of our Vendors while keeping an eye on Minimizing installed Costs.

  • Procurement of Quality Indian Industrial Equipment at Lower Cost and Ship to America.
  • Procurement of Quality American Industrial Equipment for Indian Market.

Owner’s Engineers

  • Vendor Selection and Management
    • Identify Vendors
    • Prepare Specification, Data Sheets as required
    • Prepare RFQ
    • Solicit Quotes
    • Bid Evaluation and Vendor Selection
    • Specify Vendor document requirements
    • Support vendor requirement
    • Equipment/System Inspection
    • Witness test
    • International Shipping, if required
    • Review Vendor documents
    • Maintain Purchase documents
    • Submit related documents to Client
    • General Vendor/Client interface


Marketing of Indian Industrial Equipment in America and American Industrial Equipment in India

  • CNG Compressor Package and other Components for CNG Fueling Stations
  • Grease Kettles

Owner’s Engineers

  • Gas Turbine/Power Plants Parts, System Packages, Inlet and Exhaust Systems
  • Heat Exchangers.
  • Process System Components – Valves, Meters, Instrumentations, etc.
  • TAS Energy Turbine Inlet Air Chilling (TIC) System, Modular Data Centers
  • Pre-owned Power Plants, Auxiliary Systems and Parts


  • Represent American Companies in India and Indian Companies in America.
  • Companies Startup and/or Relocations Support


  • Equipment/System Fabrication in India
  • System Packaging in India
  • Support Manufacturing Products in America and India for World Market


In conjunction with technical Projects Capabilities, we can provide Global Movement/Shipping options for all assets/products. This includes all aspects of project management, shipping logistics and customer service within the market shipping logistics as required.


We can provide services for the preparation of Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Product and Parts Catalog, Spare Parts Catalog, Repair Manual, Installation Manual, Functional Description Manual, Service Manual, Safety Information Manual, Service Bulletin, Training Manual, etc.